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Tata Consumer Products is an integrated Food & Beverage company. We are amongst the Top 10 Food & Beverage companies in India with a vision to become a multi-category FMCG major. We stand ‘For Better’ – a reflection of our commitment to improvement by pushing boundaries and aiming for better every day for all our stakeholders. We are strong believers in the Tata Group philosophy of giving back to the community and acknowledge the role played by communities in the growth of our business. We aim to provide high quality, affordable health to community members in Munnar through the High Range Hospital.

Message from the MD & CEO, Tata Consumer Products:

Tata Consumer Products believes that the right to health is a fundamental part of our human rights and of our understanding of a life in dignity. Health (both preventive and curative) is an area that clearly stands out as a critical aspect for our community intervention. Investing in the health of our workforce and communities around our factories and the plantations feeds back directly into the sustainability of the organization.

The High Range Hospital in Munnar has always been at the forefront of healthcare in the region. It was established over 100 years back as a referral hospital for plantation workers. It later expanded its services to include the community in addition to the Company’s own employees. Today, it is a secondary level healthcare centre, catering to the needs to over 2 lakh people which includes Company employees, their families and community members. As part of its community outreach, the hospital provides free services to 3 tribal hamlets in the area.


The hospital has made significant strides in various areas spanning infrastructure, capability building and training. It now offers all major specialties including diagnostics and has progressed from being actively involved in preventive care to strengthening its focus on curative health, including emergency services. It is foraying into providing a dedicated Oncology centre and is planning to start tertiary care consultations and diagnostics in the future. In addition, the hospital has been focusing on strengthening its training programs for all estate health care workers and doctors. I think these initiatives are a testament to the hospital’s commitment to high standards in affordable health care.

I would like to laud the hospital and all employees there for the commendable work being done. Your dedication and service to the community, especially during these challenging times is an inspiration to all of us. I am sure the High Range Hospital will continue to maintain and set new standards in quality health care.

Sunil D’Souza

Managing Director & CEO


Message from the Director, High Range Hospital:

It gives me a great pleasure to write this write up for an esteemed institution with a rich heritage of more than 100 years. I am really humbled to occupy a chair which was adorned by many big names. Some were renowned Doctors from the Armed forces.

This hospital was mainly formed as a group hospital for 32 Estate hospital’s and Dispensaries’ in and around Munnar. Even though this hospital was built as a statutory requirement, for the workers, it has been the main lifeline hospital for all the population surrounding Munnar. And the company seeing this necessity has been constantly investing in the hospital to improve the quality and quantity of the services. Many rare surgeries were performed here including cardiac surgeries.


And has treated many serious Medical and Paediatric patients. High Range Hospital was the only private hospital catering to the needs of more than 4.5 lakh population surrounding Munnar spanning across more than 40 kms radius around Munnar. The demography of the Dist. With hilly terrain travelling in this terrain takes more time than travelling in plains. The one main feather in the cap is the healthcare system developed here much earlier than it developed in all other areas in the Dist. And this hospital has stood the test of time and has catered to all kinds of emergencies.

In our endeavor to provide quality healthcare system we have added few new Dept.’s and also restarted some other Dept.’s. The one Dept. which was the need of the hour was the cardiology services. Now we have a full-fledged Cardiology Non-Invasive Lab, which we have made fully functional. We are now handling all cardiac emergencies here itself. We have also restarted ENT and Ophthalmology Dept.’s. One other area which required special consideration keeping in mind the increasing number of suicide patients and also many numbers of Alcohol addiction we have now a full time Psychologist and plan to devote completely for the rehabilitation of the above patient. We are now starting Oncology services concentrating mainly on Preventive Health, Early Diagnostics, Primary Care and entry level Secondary Care in conjugation with KARKINOS. Which will be the first of its kind in Oncology programme in the whole Idukki Dist. We also took major initiatives and implemented working jointly with the Local Govt. and Health Dept. in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. With the active help from TATA Trust’s, and TCPL we were able to create 12 Ventilator beds. 28 High Dependency Oxygen bends exclusively for COVID-19 patients. we also along with the Local Govt. created and managed 20 oxygen beds, and 140 ward beds in the local community center. And as a team along with KDHP management, Doctors and Health care workers we were able to contain the spread of COVID-19 infection in and around Munnar. And our statistics are way below the state statistics. We are hoping to start other Super Specialties very soon with tie-up with one of the biggest health care provider of India.

We hope to live up to the TATA’s motive of creating a better surrounding around us and concentrate in Preventive care mainly.

Dr David J Chelli

Director Medical Services

Providing Care for The Sickest In Community.

Tata Consumer Products, High Range Hospital brings a dedicated team of Doctors, nurses, paramedics and health care professionals together to deliver high standard medical care to the people of this hilly terrain. This uniquely located hospital caters to non-company civilians, local tribes, and tourists as well.

In the recent past the hospital has undertaken a lot efforts to improve the plan of health care services and has continuously being upgrading its services like,

  •  In the medicine department all the critical cases are being handled with profound efficiency benefiting the patients and ICU has been expanded from 4 to 11 beds.
  •  Surgery department has introduced upper GI endoscopy and minimal invasive surgery.
  •  Paediatric has been treating many under weight babies of less than 1000 grams.
  •  Orthopaedic department has started ORIF surgeries. Radiology department has introduced new 4 d GE voluson machine and a new portable GE machine.


And our present director being a cardiologist has set up a non-invasive cardiac lab and the department is actively treating at least 4 – 5 acute myocardial infraction cases per week apart from stroke patients. Laboratory is upgraded with brand new machines like ABG analyser machine. We are in the process of introducing 24 x 7 pharmacy which will be one of its kind in this area. We have also introduced department of ophthalmology in tie up with Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly and Department of ENT in active tie up with Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical College Hospital, Kolenchery. High Range Hospital is also the support for 30 Garden Hospitals around Munnar for all logistics and clinical work and guide for all the Estate Hospital Doctors. It’s the first point of referral centre for all the Garden Hospital.



High Range Hospitals has the largest Ambulance service for transport of patients for around 2 Taluks and a population of more than 3 lakh. High Range Hospital has a branch of Indian Medical Association and is active in all IMA activities and regular Academic activities are held in High Range Hospital every Thursday of the week where latest development in Health care are discussed. All special Health Days are celebrated throughout the town for Health Education. This hospital plays a vital role in this remotely located hill station with heavy tourist inflow in Munnar. This hospital is dedicated to providing a patient friendly environment regardless of their economic condition and we strive to continue to improve the facilities to make this hospital one of its kind health v=care provider in the vinicity.

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